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Accepted papers

HOLONOVELS Workshop – Outliers
Jennifer O’Connor

HOLONOVELS Workshop –  Generating virtual worlds for collaborative innovation activities: A Responsive Templating Approach
Oluwatimilehin Salako

HOLONOVELS Workshop – Fear of Living
Jim Hensman

HOLONOVELS Workshop – Bake Believe
Lena Arent Bennedsen

Main track – Effects of Students’ Preferences in Use of Lighting and Temperature on Productivity in a University Setting
Hannan Azhar

Main track – Use of wearable technology to measure emotional responses amongst tennis players
Hannan Azhar

Main track – Holodeck as a medium for future enacted and embodied experiences
Tiina Kymalainen

Main track – Liminality: Thinking through creative practice, unpredictability and pedagogy of collaboration. An arts-based knowledge translation workshop.
Melissa Laird

Main track – Use of Technology by Young People with Intellectual Disabilities
Laura Macias Velasco

Main track – The role of ICT in SMBs growth: An analysis of ICT intervention at different level of small businesses lifecycle

Main track – Development of an immersive augmented reality prototype with HoloLens to enhance surgical productivity and collaboration
Peter Macneal

Main track – Business Models in the Sharing Economy: A Muticase Investigation
Ana Villanova

Main track – Embedding Creativity in the University Computing Curriculum
Edward Currie

Main track – The effect of degrees of freedom on sense of presence generated by Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display systems: A case study on the use of VR in early Design Studios
Luis Mejia P.

Main track – Delphi Panel Discussion of F-TAM: Industry Experts and Academic Perspectives
Joshua Doe

Main track – The impact of universities’ entrepreneurial activity on perception of regional competitiveness
Goncalo Bras

Main track – Main track – Proximie: Augmented Reality Providing a Global Response to Local Surgical Challenges
Dimitris Reissis

Main track – The Role of Augmented Reality Technology in Live Interactive Surgical Teaching
Dimitris Reissis

Main track – Exploring the Creation of a Novel Business Ecosystem through the Integration of Augmented Reality & Edge Computing
Eric Chen

Main track – Does education level affect the entrepreneurial experi-ence of women entrepreneurs?
Meghna Chhabra

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